SRF 2021 Virtual Forum
with lots of networking opportunities for attendees  

SRF Registration always open - no more deadline,
sign up on event day or view on-demand afterwards.


Highlights of SRF2021

Live General Sessions
Insightful rail topics with renown panelists and Q&A

Welcome Reception
(Sponsored by: Gannett Fleming)
Three free virtual experiences to choose from with lots of great prizes and networking.

- Escape Route: escape room
- Trivia Track : rail trivia
- Gin Line: GINspiration history & cocktail class

Rail Segments Sessions
Multiple short presentation to view at your own pace.

Conductor Tours

Admission to free virtual tours from all across the Southeast and beyond.

Networking Yard Live
Interactive application to meet and chat with other attendees and SRF presenters.

Exhibitor Cars
Connect with virtual exhibitors and learn more about rail companies and SRF sponsors.

All Aboard Challenge
Fun interactive game for attendees to explore all the SRF has to offer and gain points to earn prizes.

Social Media Wall
Access to share your SRF experiences with the world.

Attendee List
Availability to connect with other rail enthusiasts.

Links to SRF Host and Rail Reports
Quick hyperlinks to all the Southeast States Rail Reports.

SRF2021 On-Demand
Attendees will exclusive access to all sessions and tours on-demand until October 31, 2021.

PDH & AICP Credits
Attendees can earn over 8 hours of PDH or AICP credits for live sessions.

Attendees Guide
Registrant will receive an "SRF 2021 Attendees Guide" the week prior to the event with details of all the cool things planned.

SRF Flexibility
Enjoy the choice of many options to learn, share and network with others in the rail industry.

SRF 2021 takes place during business hours, no taking up valuably family time.

No Hotel or Travel Arrangements
SRF 2021 will be held virtually, no additional approvals needed from corporate.

Down load forum app on phone or desktop and never miss a session.

Great value of $150 for
admission to SRF2021!

Event Location

Arlington, VA (D.C.)

About us

Southeastern States Department of Transportation Rail Divisions and the Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS) North Carolina Triangle Chapter are jointly hosting a regional forum on rail issues focused on eight Southeastern states.